Agents of the Prime

Session 2

The heroes, resolved to confront the primordial creatures who had deprived the dim children of light of water, headed north over barren sand dunes. The party eventually reached a mud flat surrounding a small body of water fed by a deep spring. A cluster of muddy burrows sat on the far side of the pond, and Glace spotted primitive, amphibian humanoids moving amongst the dwellings. The party also noted that the body of water had once been much larger, and had emptied into a streambed that led south. Demarung warned the party that the swamp and surrounding vegetation was a perfect site for an ambush.

The warden's insight proved to be accurate. A giant frog and two of the amphibious humanoids-an aberrant and destructive species called bullywugs-attacked the party from the water and surrounding reeds. The enormous frog seized Klar, and while the fighter fought to free himself the rest of the party slew the beast's bullywug masters and moved to aid their comrade. As the initial enemies were defeated, more bullywugs charged from the mud burrows while another giant frog, a bullywug spell-caster, and two large, powerful looking bullywug warriors emerged from the deepest part of the pond and attacked. The party quickly felled the bullywugs charging from their dwellings, then dropped back to form a front against the stronger foes. The bullywug warriors charged the line, knocking Aria prone, but the bard's companions were able to quickly pull her to safety and kill the two brutes. Ember was then grasped and mauled by the remaining giant frog, while the spell-caster attacked the party from a distance with spells of fire. The melee fighters in the party swarmed the enormous amphibian, freeing the cleric, while Alec and Fas traded ranged spells with the enemy caster and eventually slew him.

With the primordial minions removed, the group experienced a sudden insight: working as a group with common consent, exercising nothing but their collective and harmonious resolve, they had the power to reshape the land and return it to its verdant, fertile state. The party discussed their vision for the land and, experiencing no primordial will to oppose theirs, saw the land molded into their combined vision. Their surroundings soon resolved into a lush valley, fed by a river emptying from the growing spring. Nestled against the foot of a majestic, snow-capped mountain, the rejuvinated dale teemed with animal life and great stands of trees.

Returning to the children of light who had resigned themselves to death, the heroes discovered that great changes had been wrought on these beings as well. Their love for trees and nature had grown, manifesting itself in their home and forested surroundings, and they had begun to take on a lively and decidedly elfin aspect. Fas, Demarung, and Alec felt an immediate affinity for these fellow children of the creator and began to reflect many of their traits in their own forms.

Session 1: In the beginning...

The heroes awake. Everything is still. They find that they are lying on smooth, flat sand. As they open their eyes, they see above no sky, no sun, no moon. All beyond is in chaotic motion – flame and lightning, lands and waters, and what stars there are seem to wander from place to place.

The heroes find they are lying in a circle in the sand, heads pointed outside the circle. They cannot discern exactly what they are – their skins glow with internal light. They each wear armor or bear a variety of equipment.

Standing in the air, in the middle of the circle, is a humanoid being of light – who is so bright that it is hard to look upon. This being of light and glory speaks to those in the circle with a voice at once soft and yet full of power: "I am your father. I am the creator. I have worked with the primordials to bring this land, this domain, out of the chaos that surrounds us. But it is in flux. Some of the primordials see the good in this organization, but seek to have their children gain dominion over and master the land so that they may claim this creation for themselves. Some seek to destroy the land. There are many elements, independent powers, and creatures here. Some of them were created by me as you were, some by the primordials, and some have come from realms where sanity and structure as we know it do not exist. I wish you to master them. Do battle with them, persuade them, but do what you must to bring form to this creation and progress toward your destinies and the destiny of this place."

(He pauses, turns to the vista of the swirling chaos around you. A black meteor, a comet, a world, plummets through the chaos of the elements in the distance, billowing clouds of black detritus as it falls, infecting the elements in its path.)

“It is done. We have thrown him down. Now I must chain him. Beware the destroyers which he will send. Now explore, discover, create, build and become… what you are destined to be. I will send word from time to time to guide you." With this, the being of pure power streaks outward from where the heroes now stand, then plummets downward and out of sight. A great echoing crash reverberates through the cosmos, bringing the heroes to their knees.

The heroes rise and take stock of themselves. They each know certain skills and talents, and have the accoutrements to use those talents, but otherwise cannot remember anything before the time they awoke. Peering about them at the flat desolate desert, they sight a flicker of fire somewhere out from where they are, directions having no real meaning to them.

As they approach the fire, they see more than a dozen figures sitting around the fire. These figures appear to be dimmer versions of themselves – children of light. A structure stands to the left of the fire – it looks as though it was once made of trees lovingly grown from the earth and coaxed into the form of a building.  Those trees are now dead, dry, and shriveled. The structure is only partially there – it seems it is being used to fuel the fire. Nearby, a field of stumps testifies to this place once being a verdant land.

One of the group speaks to one of the figures sitting around the fire. He says that he is "waiting to die." He claims they have no food, no water. They had begun to grow plants in this once-beautiful place, but the primordials, on a whim, decided to change the climate. Now they only wait for their deaths, having no where else to go. The creator has told them to wait, and they obey. The heroes volunteer that they have come from the creator. A spark of hope arises in some of the dim ones.

There is a water hole to the north and over the dunes, but "children of the primordials" guard the hole, and those at the fire have no talents, weapons, or motivation to take the water. To make matters worse, every once in a while the "mind takers" come to take some kind of sacrifice from them. These strange beings live somewhere to the east. What they are or look like, none can say – only that they make others into themselves.

Which is the more dire problem? The lack of water. The children of the creator begin to collect themselves to fight for the watering hole. But before they do, they look at the structure. There is a dimly skinned woman inside. She appears to be praying. She claims she has been in contact with someone or some entity that will save them, but it wants her to sign a contract, wants them all to sign a contract. The heroes ask if she will wait another day or so to let them try to solve the problem before agreeing to the offered contract. She agrees, though time is impossible to measure. The heroes stalk off toward the north to find water and fight these primordial spawn, whatever they are.


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