Agents of the Prime

Session 20

The children of light entered the cave, ready to face the slaadi and other demons they knew lurked within. Glace immediately noticed another toad-like demon standing in the shadows to the left of the cave entrance, while a wide column hid a raised cove to the right. The slaadi, unaware of the party, were taken by surprise as the children of light attacked. Alec opened the battle by cursing the two blood slaadi guarding the portal as Fas hurled a ball of divine power at them, its crystals slashing the fiends as it exploded. Demarung's form momentarily blurred into a bolt of lightning and before the two surprised demons could react, he flashed through to the other side of cavern and stood before them. Meanwhile, Glace sent a ray of radiant energy at the blue talon slaad hiding in the shadows, searing it and compelling the demon to come forward to face him. Aria cast an arcane spell of fate on the fiend as it staggered forward; her magic slowed its reflexes, making it an easier target for the bard and her allies. Aten spat a ball of fiery lightning at the blue slaad as well, charring the demon, and Ember summoned a gleaming shield of divine energy over herself, protecting the cleric and her allies against physical attacks.

Alec cursed the talon slaad facing Glace and assailed its mind with arcane energy as the demons in the cavern shook off their surprise and began to act. The blue fiend lashed out at the avenger, but he dodged aside and the demonic claws raked only empty air. Glace continued his momentum into a spin, ending with a swing of his icy flail that landed solidly and crushed his foe's ribs. As the blue slaad fell, the avenger vanished and reappeared closer to the portal and its guardians. Meanwhile, the blood slaadi faced a torrent of fire and steel. Fas unleashed a stream of divine fire that seared one demon, then cascaded onto its companion. Holy flame continued to dance across both forms as Demarung attacked, primal fire erupting around his weapon. The warden brought his weapon down with a thunderous blow that and burned the red demons and knocked both to the ground. The attacks on the blood slaadi continued as Aria sang an arcane song of unluck, warping the fortunes of one demon, and Aten charged another and slashed it violently.

The children of light paused in their assault as a strange chittering noise filled the cavern. The sound grew in volume and intensity until a mass of rotting flesh, fragments of bone, and maggots, centipedes, and other vermin flowed out of the shadows near Glace before coalescing into a vaguely humanoid shape. The larva assassin extended its putrescence into a sword-shaped limb and struck at the avenger. The blow landed and Glace felt the creature's vile energies attempting to sap his vitality as he countered with a blow of his flail. Chilled by the frosty attack, the undead creature shambled toward Aria and struck at her as well. The bard teleported to safety as more enemies emerged – a pod demon crawled from a well in the center of the room while another emerged with a talon slaad ally from behind the rock column. The demon nearest Glace lashed out with an acidic swipe that the avenger dodged, then the creature roared and a podspawn arose near Fas, Ember, and Alec, and exploded into a cloud of poison. All three children of light were sickened by the mist, and watched as the pod demon mystically changed places with another of its spawn across the cavern. Seeing their reaction to the poisonous vapors, the pod demon near the rock column flung a gob of green ooze at the three heroes. Fas and Alec dodged the slime, but it struck Ember, burning her with acid. More podspawn rose to attack several children of light around the cavern with corrosive scum; Ember, Fas, and Aria suffered acid burns from the demonlings. Glace swung his flail in a large arc, slaying two of the demon-seed as the pair of blood slaadi stood and attacked. One leapt to attack Glace, attempting to spread its chaos-disease with its claws, but the avenger proved to be an elusive foe and dodged the infectious talons. The other red demon emitted a horrid croak in an attempt to stun the children of light while the talon slaad teleported next to Aria, picked up the bard, and squeezed her in its large fist before flinging her onto the floor.

Seeing his ally lying before the blue fiend, Alec moved to distract the demon. He conjured a mass of fiery scorpions that swarmed the slaad, covering it with a multitude of burning, poisonous stings. Fas focused on the larva assassin, summoning a divine, curved blade that hovered in the air and threatened the undead abomination. Glace, facing a blood slaad, summoned a spirit ally to distract his foe and rained a series of blows down on his opponent. The final swing of his flail slew the demon, and as it fell the avenger teleported to engage the larva assassin. On the other side of the cavern, Demarung swung his sword overhead and unleashed a storm of wind and lightning that slew two podspawn and buffeted the nearby talon slaad and pod demon. Aria continued to feed the storm with her own arcane energy, singing a song that summoned more lightning that struck the pod demon and larva assassin. Lightning continued to dance around the cavern as Aten channeled his own life force into a decisive blow that clove into the blood slaad and slew it. The paladin then moved to face the talon slaad, threatening it with divine light if it ignored his challenge.

Meanwhile, the larva assassin shambled away from Glace and turned to fling a glob of filth that struck the avenger, dazing him. Glace teleported to the undead monster, bashed it with his flail, and teleported himself and his foe next to the spirit ally that began to harry the creature. Aria, sensing an opportunity, used her arcane power to speed Glace's reflexes. The avenger lashed out with his flail twice. Both blows landed solidly; as the larva assassin fell, Glace vanished and appeared next to the talon slaad. One of the pod demons rose from its spawn next to Ember and spewed acid at her. The caustic fluid burned the cleric as the demon spawned two more demonlings. Demarung leapt at the demon threatening Ember and slashed savagely with his sword, slaying the fiend. Alec slew one of the demon's spawn with a spiral of dark arcane energy while Ember called upon divine power to sear the demons in the cavern with radiance. Her attack slew two podspawn, and as the pod demon stood stunned, the cleric summoned a column of divine fire that burned her foe and healed her allies. The talon slaad clawed at Aten, attempting to grab his foe with his crushing fists, but the paladin dodged the attack and answered with a mighty smite that slashed through the demon's defenses. Alec leveled an arcane curse that inflicted wrenching wounds on the pod demon and talon slaad as Fas assailed the blue demon with divine wind, knocking it the ground. Demarung unleashed a burst of primal fire, burning both fiends and slaying the pod demon. The children of light surrounded the prone blue slaad and quickly finished off their foe.



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