Agents of the Prime

Session 17

As the effects of the spell cast by the fey council became clear, the children of light reacted in different ways. Alec was furious. Glace expressed outrage at the hubris of the elves and eladrin and foretold that all of the fey folk involved, including the drow, would see generations of hatred and conflict as a result of the decisions they had made. Aria denied the fate Glace had presaged and attempted to tell all the fey folk that they could avoid such a future. Fas asked the Summer Queen what the subterranean elves had done to deserve this sentence, while Glace questioned their right to sentence another people in this fashion. Ember and Demarung told their fellows that the doings of the mortals were none of their concern, claiming that if the elves and eladrin had the power to do this act, they had the right as well.

The conversation continued between the children of light and the fey council. Having spoken his mind, Glace left the room and walked outside. Shadus and the other two shadar-kai appeared, spoke with the avenger for some time, then vanished. A brief, eerie darkening followed their disappearance, then the area seemed to unnaturally brighten for a few moments. An elf rushed into the council chambers, telling all those within that they should come outside with all haste. The fey and the children of light quickly followed the scout out the door. There they saw seven luminous, winged beings hovering in the air above the village square, apparently directing great arcane energies with their gestures. Three of them approached the children of light, bowed, and then stood to greet the group. Glace asked who they were, and one introduced herself as Phoebe and named the two with her as Timothy and Modeus. Phoebe said that they were seraphim sent by the Creator, ordered to organize echoes of the world to mirror the dissension caused by the misuse of power by the fey folk. She told the party that the Creator approved of their work to this point, and added that while they were still free to shape the world, major changes required the group's consensus. Any decisions or alterations made without the consent of all of the children of light would carry possibly dire consequences. Phoebe also told the party that the Creator had instructed them to work with Neri and Aten, who are the children of the Creator's brother Io.

While Phoebe conversed with the children of light, they noted that the four seraphim not speaking with them began to outline the elven settlement with narrow beams of light. Demarung asked Phoebe the meaning of their work, and she replied that the city and they fey folk were to be moved to a parallel plane of the mortal world called the Feywild. As a consequence of their recent decisions, the elves and eladrin banished there would be unable to return to the mortal realm, though their children would not be subject to the same curse.

Demarung questioned the fey council, who stood in astonishment at the future that awaited them and their city. The Summer Queen defended their decision, claiming that the subterranean elves had dealings with the aberrant creatures from the far realms. Demarung asked Alec if this was true, but the warlock didn't know and called a representative of the drow to come and speak with them. A wizened dark elf named Shara arrived, wearing an amulet in the shape of a spider; she said she would answer questions on behalf of her people. Demarung asked the drow why her people had been marked. Shara replied that it was due to the accusations and hubris of her elven and eladrin cousins. Shara said that her people had communicated with the aberrations that had invaded her people's caves, and admitted that the subterranean elves had attempted to make an alliance with the creatures from the far realms to stem their raids and encroachment. The aberrant creatures had initially feigned alliance, but had betrayed the dark elves.

As the discussion continued, Glace felt an intense pull to another area, sensing that he was needed to witness an important event nearby. He left the area and passed quickly through the wilderness until he arrived at an elven burial mound. There he found a lone seraph, seemingly gathering light into his body. The avenger watched as the surroundings grew darker, and the seraph eventually spoke to him. The being told Glace that another echo of the world was being created, called the Shadowfell. This would be a realm where the shadar-kai could dwell in safety, away from the power of the fey folk and magic like that they had worked on the dark elves, and away from the power of time to end their lives through old age and decrepitude. The seraph told Glace that he was to be the master of death and the lord of this new realm, though there would be conditions to assuming such a position. The avenger accepted. He was instructed by the angelic being to guard the Shadowfell, for it would be a world which others would wish to rule, including Glace's eternal foe. The avenger had felt the influence of this enemy, and knew of his existence from the moment of his awakening. He asked the seraph the name of this nemesis and was told that the creature would come to be called Orcus. Glace also learned that both he and those who chose to dwell in the Shadowfell would often be reviled and feared by others, and at times, the avenger's own followers would fear him. The seraph then said that his part was done, instructed Glace to finish creating the Shadowfell, and vanished. Afterwards, an instinctive beckoning to this dusky plane would draw some humans, as well as elves and eladrin who disagreed with their council's decision to mark the drow. They would join Shadus and his two companions in the new realm to create the race of shadar-kai.

Back near the elven village, the children of light continued to speak with Shara. Demarung asked her if her people had indeed taught surface-dwelling elves and eladrin their ways, as the fey council had charged. She admitted that they had, and repeated her claim that the drow had never forced their teachings on anyone. She reiterated that her people had indeed communicated with the aberrations and attempted to ally with them, but only in an attempt to survive and to halt the invasions into their caves. The warden told her that her people had gotten dangerously close to the aberrants, and warned her of the consequences of continued dealings and alliances with any creatures from the far realm. Shara then left. Demarung spoke with his companions, telling them that he thought it was dangerous for any of them to become too attached to any aspect of creation. He feared for the balance of the world, should any child of light too closely ally himself with one race or another.

Further discussion was cut short by a blinding flash that bathed the area in light and sudden silence. When the radiance subsided, the village was gone and in its place stood a simple, flat meadow. Phoebe said that the work of the seraphim here was done; the settlement and the fey folk who agreed with the council's decision were now in the Feywild. Glace returned to the party, stepping out of the Shadowfell, and the children of light realized that they had the ability to travel between the mortal world, the Shadowfell, and the Feywild at will.

Phoebe told the children of light that she was permitted to tarry a while and speak with them. If they had questions, she could answer on behalf of the Creator. Through the information she shared, and the questions she answered, the children of light learned a great deal about themselves and their past before their awakening. They had once been gods who had fallen from power, and creation had been shattered by a Seed of Chaos – the great darkness the party had seen the Creator throw down soon after they had awakened. A god named Tharizdun had sought control over the Creator by harnessing the power of the Seed of Chaos, but he had been thrown down by the Creator and his children. Other gods had been destroyed in this great conflict as well, and while some had been reformed, others were lost forever. Io was one who had fallen, but the Creator had given him new life after the Seed was overcome. Another named Erek-hus had been defeated by the children of light before their own downfall. He had been reformed by the primordials, and now strove against the Creator and his children. The humans had lived before, and held a divine spark which had protected them when so many others had fallen. That race, along with the seraphim themselves, represented the last of what the children of light had created in their lives before.

Phoebe then shared with the party some aspects of their future. She told them that the realm of the humans must be freed of primordials and joined with the civilized world. Phoebe then spoke of a Great Forge the party must find, and said that Ember would undertake a great creation with this artifact. The Mother of Dwarves would forge the Soul of the World and the sun to complete this creation. As Ember thought upon this task, she sensed that the raw materials needed for her work were the metals the party had seen in the Spirit Talker's cave.

The children of light would need to defend this newly created world from the influence of the primordials and the aberrant creatures from the far realm. Phoebe instructed them that the only way to stop the invasion of the aberrant creatures – including the mindflayers, beholders, and spawn of Kyuss – was to seal or destroy the portal under the earth. To do this, the party would need to travel through the portal and destroy its source of power on the other side. The seraph then left with her two angelic guards. The children of light sent out the proclamation that all races, whether living in the mortal world, the Feywild, or the Shadowfell, should remain vigilant against raids and incursions by the far realm monsters. The party then traveled to the portal leading to the realm of the humans and stepped through.

On the other side, the children of light found themselves in a system of caves formed of volcanic rock. They gathered their collective will to sense other influences on this mote of land,  and detected three distinct, hostile powers. Of these, two felt like primordial powers, while the third was unique – neither primordial, nor a being from the far realm. The party climbed from the cavern system, eventually emerging onto the surface of a burned and blasted island rising from the noxious waters of a great lake. They traveled around the shores of the island and soon found an abandoned village. The huts in the settlement were burned, and the party found several skeletons among the buildings, some charred and others badly smashed. Demarung eventually found signs that the tribe that had lived here had hunted and foraged for sustenance. He also discovered leathern canoes and oars, and the tannery where the skins of animals had been cured and treated. Further investigation of the island turned up no other settlements or signs of life – only a single, large scorch mark burnt into the ground in the shape of a massive footprint. The children of light exercised their will, focusing on the dangerous waters around the island, and felt the liquid bend to their wishes. As they watched, the noxious, sulfurous sludge sank into the murk to be replaced by cleaner water that the party could canoe through. They again extended their senses and learned that the hostile powers on this mote of land were each in a different direction, and the most powerful was the enemy who was neither a primordial nor a far realm aberration.



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