Agents of the Prime

Session 13

As the children of light neared the motes of earth, they spotted the mouth of a cave nestled among the peaks. Demarung and Glace noticed two suspicious lumps in the snow surrounding the entrance and realized that creatures waited there in ambush. The heroes flew closer and Glace identified the creatures as ice trolls. As the party landed, the trolls leapt to attack, wielding great mauls. One lashed out at Neri and struck the dragonborn as she alit, then swung again and battered Ember. Meanwhile, the other troll attempted to plow Glace aside, but the avenger dodged the assault and launched a flurry of blows at his foe, striking the beast twice. Demarung sliced into the enemy he faced as Neri spat acid over both trolls and followed up with her own sword-cut. The spell-casters focused their divine and arcane powers on the ice-trolls from several directions: Fas streamed radiant fire over the beasts, Aria afflicted one troll with unluck as she carved into it with her sword, Alec cursed both creatures and charred one with arcane fire, and Ember bathed the trolls in a wash of astral energy. One ice-troll fell, but the other pressed its attack and smashed its great maul into Ember. Glace charged at the remaining ice troll, and his flail erupted with divine light as it struck the beast, killing it.

After the short battle, Glace and Alec snuck into the cave to see what secrets it held. They found a large, empty cavern with two tunnels leading away. One passageway remained level, and from its opening Glace could hear sounds of more ice trolls eating and speaking. The other revealed a staircase curving around a great, icy column, descending into a dark abyss. As the avenger and the warlock returned to the mouth of the cave, Glace spotted another small tunnel hidden behind a stony column. They returned to the party and after a short discussion, the heroes decided to deal with the ice trolls Glace had heard.

The children of light snuck down the tunnel and soon spied several ice trolls and an unusual troll Ember identified as an oni – a creature of supernatural and arcane power. The party decided to launch a surprise attack and form a defensive front in the narrow end of the cavern. Neri lead the way, running into the cave and threatening a nearby troll with her sword. Glace charged next, striking an ice troll as Alec cursed the two nearest foes. Aria and Demarung both rushed in to bolster the line as Fas prepared his spells. On one end of the group's front, Neri spat a cloud of acid at the trolls as they approached and badly wounded a foe with a precise sword cut. Meanwhile, Glace dropped an ice troll near the middle of the line with three swings of his flail, only to see the creature rise again as its wounds knit together. After seeing this, the children of light focused on fire attacks to sear the trolls to prevent their wounds from healing with supernatural speed. As the melee combatants pummeled and sliced at their foes, Fas bathed two of the enemies in radiant fire and Ember imbued Glace's flail with a burst of flame that slew the next foe he smote. Demarung faced several ice trolls on his end of the line, and knocked all three prone with a thunderous smash of his sword as the oni tried to cast a spell to cloud the warden's mind. Demarung shrugged off the mental assault, and sensing the danger posed by the enemy caster, Glace teleported to the oni and began to strike the creature with his icy flail. Alec aided Demarung by cursing the prone trolls with attacks of arcane flame, eliciting howls of rage as the brutes suffered damage they couldn't swiftly heal. The ice trolls went on the offensive, attempting to push back several party members and break their line, but the children of light held firm. Aria began to sing a battle chant as she lit a torch to char the enemies, but soon turned her attention to healing as Ember fell beneath the repeated blows of a troll's maul. As Demarung launched a frenzied attack at the enemies he faced, the oni lashed out at Glace, then stepped toward the rest of the children of light and sprayed them with arcane magic of poison and death. Glace materialized behind the oni and with a swing of his flail, teleported himself and his foe far from the enemy line before landing another blow, channeling part of his shadar-kai soul into his attack. Alec added to the assault on the oni by conjuring a specter that strangled the creature as it fought. The ice trolls pressed their attack on the heroes' line, pushing back the children of light as they attempted to withstand the swings of the mighty mauls and protect Ember. Aria healed the dwarven cleric, then sang a song to boost her allies' defenses before swinging her torch into an ice troll, slaying it. Fas summoned blades of astral fire that sliced the trolls and provided further defense for his allies as Demarung slammed into the two trolls that had pushed him back, hewing into them and pushing them away from the line. Ember stood and called divine fire on the troll that had struck her down, burning the brute as Neri used her breath weapon on two foes she faced; the three trolls bellowed as the fire and acid burned their flesh beyond their ability to regenerate. Alec gulped a potion of dragon breath and covered two more ice trolls in flame; one died, screaming in agony. Another troll, dropped by Neri's sword, healed its wounds as it stood, only to be slain as Aria swung her torch at its massive form. Only three enemies now stood, and Demarung moved behind the oni as Glace bashed the arcane foe with his flail before punching it in the face. The oni lashed out at the warden and the avenger, but other children of light aided the in the attack. Fas bashed the spellcaster with a divine sunhammer, Ember bathed it in sacred flame, and Alec added to Glace's chilling attacks with an icy eldritch blast. The oni fell, and the party focused on the two remaining ice trolls. Fas and Ember seared an enemy facing Neri with divine attacks, and the dragonborn fighter used a torch to burn the fallen corpse. Meanwhile, Demarung used his sword to hamstring the troll facing him, allowing Glace to circle the beast and drop him with a swing of his flail. Alec finished off the downed ice creature with a spell of fire.

The heroes collected the residuum from the slain oni before exploring the cavern. A small passageway led out of the room, heading north and eventually opening into a large hallway. Oddly shaped masses jutted from the walls, and close inspection revealed that the shapes were white dragons, frozen solid and encased in ice. Neri said that these were dragons loyal to Io that he had sent to this world, and she knew that some malevolent force had trapped them here.



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