Agents of the Prime

Session 12

After the fall of the giant, the rest of the elementals and genasi attacking the eladrin city were soon overcome. The damage resulting from the invasion was extensive, and discussion of rebuilding efforts produced conflict between some elves and eladrin. The Green Lord and his followers felt that the city should be abandoned altogether due to its indefensibility, while Tiandra and her people wished to repair the burned and demolished buildings. The Summer Queen had changed drastically since the heroes had last seen her. She emanated a distinct aura of arcane power, a quality she claimed as a gift from Fas, and survivors of the battle spoke of their queen raining fire down upon the invaders.

As the children of light rested after the battle they discovered two things. Ember found records describing some of the stone elementals who had attacked the city and learned that they were once dwarves. An entire branch of the race, the rock or Duhr clan, had been captured by primordials and twisted into the stone-fleshed galeb-duhr. They also used their combined will to influence the wild lands, merging them more seamlessly into the civilized lands. As the group united the two realms, they sensed that the power of the primordials over the region had weakened, but it still remained a strongly chaotic domain.

For their next quest, the heroes decided to travel through the sky portal with Neri to find her brother. A colossal red dragon guarded the gate, and the powerful wyrm reported to Neri that all enemy guardians on both sides of the doorway had been slain. Too large to fit through the portal, the dragon had seen the other side and knew of the realm. The creator of dragon-kind, Io, had sent the white dragons into the cold lands on the other side of the gateway. Neri also knew of the place, and told the party that while there was little solid ground there, sentient beings could fly through the air by will alone.

The red dragon lifted the children of light to the portal, allowing them to step through. They found themselves afloat in a realm of vast, cold skies. A few mountainous peaks could be seen in the distance, rising from floating motes of earth, and Neri sensed her brother's presence in that direction. The party began to fly toward the islands of land when Glace and Demarung spotted a creature of some kind flying in the air toward the party's flank. As it neared, the form revealed itself to be a dracolich surrounded by icy clouds and encrusted with rime.

Alec cursed the undead beast as it neared, while Glace and Demarung moved to flank it and Aria began a battle chant. Neri rushed forward to meet the dragon head-on, burning it with her acid breath before landing a solid blow with her sword. The beast clashed with the dragonborn before releasing a frightful roar that momentarily filled the hearts of all nearby foes with dread. Ember seared the dracolich with divine energy, then lashed her foe with a flood of astral energy. As the battle progressed, powerful winds blew the combatants to and fro while the dragon used its mobility and powerful attacks to great effect. Most of the heroes were frozen in place at various times during the combat, some trapped in icy cocoons by the dragon's breath while others fell victim to the dragon's fear aura or frigid blasts. Undaunted, the children of light worked together to overcome the beast's considerable defenses. Demarung thundersmashed the dragon, and while it reeled in the air Alec burned it with radiant energy and Glace abjured the enemy, immobilizing it. Aria sang a dissonant strain that pierced the dragon's psyche and helped her allies shrug off the creature's freezing effects. Empowered by the bard's arcane power, Fas and Ember both unleashed divine power on their undead foe. Neri began to whirl her sword around her in a pattern, slashing the dragon whenever it found itself near the fighter. As the dragon weakened, the heroes pressed their attacks, forcing it to withdraw. While some heroes freed their companions from the dragon's immobilizing breath weapon, others chased the creature through the air and surrounded it. Neri and Demarung forced the dracohich to engage them as Fas struck with divine thunderbolts. Glace, freed from an icy hold by the invoker's magic, pursued his enemy and struck at it, then abjured the undead dragon as Ember summoned sacred flame that charred the beast's form. Aria helped Alec escape a thick layer of frost and healed the warlock; he then cast darkfire on the dracolich, weakening its defenses. Demarung buffeted the enemy with wind and lightning, Fas sliced its wings and slowed its flight with crystalline shards, and Neri clove into the thick neck with her sword. Finally, Glace moved around the beast's bulk and charged, striking with divine light that erupted around the dracolich, and Alec finished the great beast with an eldritch blast.

The party rested for few moments and collected the residuum freed from the dracolich's broken corpse. They then continued toward motes of land in the distance, and as they approached the mountainais peaks Neri could sense that her brother was near.



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