Agents of the Prime

Session 11

The children of light and their genasi allies spied the Tower of the Sun as they neared the elven city. The keep, surrounded by a shimmering barrier of arcane defense, was under attack. A giant made of stone beat and pushed against the shield as magic cast by unseen foes pounded the defense. The sounds of battle rang out closer to the party among burning buildings and pockets of fierce combat. Enemy genasi soon spotted the group and attacked, but the escort loyal to Nexus kept them at bay, allowing the children of light to move into the city. The heroes closed to within a block of the Summer Queen's tower when great furrows rose in the ground at the their feet, knocking most of the party prone as an elemental archon and several stone elementals moved to attack.

The party attacked, aided by Fas' teleportation that took them near their enemies and away from the treacherous ground. Alec leveled a curse at the elementals, Ember seared them with divine power, and within moments one of the archon's soldiers fell to Neri's sword. A chilling strike from Glace's flail slew another, and as it shattered a remnant of the warlock's curse leapt from its body to kill one of its allies. The archon raised a massive foot and stomped, sending a wave of thunderous energy through the earth that knocked many of the heroes prone, but Demarung assumed the form of a great panther and charged. The warden sliced one elemental with his sword, then sent his own burst of energy at his foes, dropping the archon to the ground. The only remaining stone elemental smashed Demarung with an earth fist that then grasped him. Alec continued casting his curses at the archon. The powerful elemental rose and again released a wave of energy, but Demarung continued to press him. Glace took the opportunity to flank the archon and struck him with divine energy, teleporting himself and his foe away from the battle. Alec again cursed the enemy leader, strangling with dark energy as Glace battered him with his ice-encrusted flail, and after the third quick strike, the archon fell. Demarung continued to trade blows with the remaining stone elemental, and Glace soon joined in. The stone creature alternative hurled himself at both of his foes with rolling attacks, knocking both the warden and avenger prone, but Demarung cut into the enemy with a mighty slash that slowed it and Glace finished the elemental a moment later.

Meanwhile, a new danger had surfaced near the party's spell-casters – two bulettes, or land sharks. These burrowed underneath the heroes, trying to knock them prone, before bursting from the earth to bite any who stood nearby. Fas and Ember focused their divine energies on the bulettes, searing them with divine power, while Neri charged the nearest beast and Aria used her arcane attacks to foul the creature's luck. Both bulettes continued to burrow into the earth only to surface moments later in a deadly shower of rock and rubble, biting any who stood within range of their jaws. Ember and Aria healed their allies and attacked the beasts as Fas summoned divine bolts of lightning that struck the nearest foe and Neri engaged the two bulettes as they surfaced. The battle continued as the land-sharks continued to burrow and bite and the allies countered with spells, prayers, and martial attacks. Eventually, Fas killed one of the beasts with a searing ray of radiant energy, and the other bulette fled in fear.

The party rested for no more than a few heartbeats before rushing toward the Tower of the Sun. The siege was going poorly for the elves. The magical protection around the keep had failed, and the giant had started to smash pieces from the tower and lean on it, hoping to topple the building. The giant's allies, living whirlwinds, fiery genasi, and living crystals of flame, worked together to weaken and burn the tower as well. Alec began casting curses at the giant while Glace moved in for a flank on the elementals to one side, aided by a soul-seeking ally he summoned. Fas created a blade of vengeance, and with Aria the divine sword engaged two of the air elementals. Three whirlwinds fell in rapid succession to the avenger's flail and Fas' blade. The fourth continued to battle Aria and the divine sword, cutting the bard twice before she dodged under a swing of his falchion and slew him. She then worked with Fas to attack the flame shards as they cast fiery bursts at nearby heroes, one searing Glace and the other burning Fas, Ember, and Aria. Eager to rid the field of the children of light and continue their siege, the enemy genasi rushed forward into battle. Glace faced one, while the other attempted to attack Ember but found its charge interrupted by Neri. The fire genasi facing the dragonborn struck out again at Ember, and paid for his mistake with several slices of the fighter's sword. Alec and Ember cast their arcane and divine spells on the same enemy, who soon fell to their combined attacks and Neri's combat skills. The other fire genasi swung his falchion at Glace as it attempted to move around the avenger. The shadar-kai proved to be its match, as he dodged the blows and gritted his teeth at the barrage of flame bursts from a nearby flame shard. Glace kept the genasi in place, dodged several blows and pressed his attack, slaying the fire genasi before moving to face the nearby flame shard and shattering it as well.

Meanwhile, Demarung charged the stone giant, but the creature cast a rune of stone at the elf, injuring and slowing him. With a defiant roar the warden hurled a whirlwind of storm and lightning at the giant before succumbing to the rune's full effect and turning to stone. The giant then moved to attack Alec, smashing the warlock with his mighty warpick. The elf unleashed a spiral of necrotic energy at the giant before calling forth a cloud darkness for concealment. Ember summoned a column of flame that engulfed the stone hulk; the divine fire incinerated the giant, leaving only a mound of molten stone. Fas rushed across the battlefield to Demarung, freeing the warden from his petrification by taking the curse himself. Demarung charged the remaining elemental, smashing into it with the force of stone and earth, and within moments Fas freed himself of the stone rune's spell. Bereft of allies and surrounded by the children of light, the flame shard was soon vanquished. Seeing no more elemental foes near the tower, the heroes stopped to rest and heal, recovering precious residuum from their fallen foes.



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